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Welcome To Gravy Train's Home Page

Gravytrain Fan of The Month: Congradulations to long time fan Richie Hughes for becoming our first fan of the month. Richie spends hours in his room memorizing setlists and trading tapes of our shows- Thanks Rich!

Gravytrain Returns to Crossroads 12.9.04: We have been offered another gig at the Crossroads Bar and Grill in Garwood, NJ, We'll be teaming up with local band "The Bus" giving you a night of spanking new material. We'll be playing all new original songs. We'll also be covering some Beatles, Dead, and probably some more Phish. We are also playing with a few special guests. Bring yourself and a buddy!- Under 21- Thanks - Jon

Its a THAYER!:
Gravytrain has just aquired a new bass player. Jimmy Thayer will be replacing Brad Cantor on his depart to Colby College. Jimmy is a very tallented and experienced bassist who will generate good vibes throughout the band.

Gravytrain to Play at Krupp-Wasser Sweet 16: Gravytrain has been invited to play at the Krupp-Wasser Sweet sixteen at the Scotch Plains Puppy Fairgrounds. This concert is another invitation only although certain exceptions can be made. We will be playing with the tallented musican and song writer Tim Horan. For those of you who weren't invited we request that you do not show up.

St. Patricks Weekend TrainJam: March 13th, 2004- Gravy Train is having an invitaion only jam at 14 Settlers Lane on March 13th. About 45 people will be permitted into this event. Mike Sheflin will open the jam on lead guitar. This is not a concert, but a more causal jam session. All are invinted but they must contact a band member for an invitaion.

Official Relase Crossroads Show 1.22.04 Update- Richie Hughes has been working hard to split the tracks on the CD and they will be ready for mass production on the 30th. This doesn't mean the CD's release will be on Friday. The official release of the Crossroads show will be on Saturday January 29th. Please feel free to contact me for a free cd. I will hand out CD's to those who asked me on February the 3rd. The CD is officialy entitled Gravy Train- The Crossroads Show 1.22.04.

The Crossroads Show 1.22.04 release: I am pleased to announce that the Crossroads show from 1/22/04 will be released on cd with help from Richie Hughes by around the 30th. The CD is a live recording of the Crossroads concert. I'd like to give a special thanks to Adam Lorentzen for video taping the entire concert without a tripod, but the video of the show is not going to be released until a later time.  The CD is free and to recieve a copy, contact one of the band members.

Crossroads Show Update from Andrew (1/22/04): I would like to start off by saying thanks to everyone who came to our show and especially W.H.S. students (midterm night). I hope we all blew you away because we had a great time. We felt it was a very strong peformance and I hope you had a good time. The only thing that I regret is cutting some songs too short. I wish we could have played for longer. The DVDs will be made by Richie Hughes (The Road To Homdel, WHS X-Ctreme), although released at a later time. I would personally like to thank my family for supporting me with this and my band for being awesome up there. Also, a special thanks to Tim Horan who wrote some of the songs we played. Thanks again!- Andrew.

Platypus Sponsorship: We are considering sponsoring two platypi in Austrailia. We would help it survive through food and shelters etc. We are looking into Magellan (holds the world record for the platypus traveling the furthest, twenty-five miles) and Double Trouble. Each sponsorship is ten dollars (Austrailian).


About Gravy Train: Gravy Train is a 4 member band based in Westfield, NJ, USA. We have a number of original songs, and we have done a few covers. Andrew and I are on vocals.;I am lead guitar and uke. Andrew is on Rhythm, Jim Thayer is on bass, and Scott is percussion. Please ask for a free cd- Live At Rubarb Fields.  - Jon

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Upcoming Events

12/31/03  A songwriting jam (Completed Pimento Groove and Surf Song)

1/22/04   A gig at the Crossroads club! GARWOOD NEW JERSEY

1/5/04   A jam a Jon's house with full band. Squirell Song, Matt Song, Pimento Groove, Turn on Your Lovelight, and Charachter Zero rehearsed.

Xroads Stage Setup

Stage setup for our gig. This is what a key for the numbers:

1. Brads Mic 2. Andrew Mic 3. Jon's Johnson Soprano Uke Mic 4. Brad Bass Amp- Crate 5. Andrew Guitar Amp- Crate 6. Jon Guitar Amp- Line 6 7. JBL Moniter #1  8. JBL Moniter #2  9. Latin Percussion Aspire Bongos 10. Wuhan China Trash  11. Sabian Hi-Hat  12. Pearl Snare  13. Pacific Drums and Percussion Tom #1 14. Pacific Drums and Percussion Tom #2  15. Latin Percussion Jam Block  16. Latin Percussion Cow Bell 17. Pacific Drums and Percussion Bass Drum 18. Sabian Crash/Ride  19. Pacific Drums and Percussion Floor Tom  20. Morley Dual Bass Wah (Regular and Funk) 21. Dunlop Cry-Baby Wah 22. Boss Super Overdrive  23. Morley Wah